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Well No, though it may be comforting to believe that your Teachers and Professors are of sufficient character that they would not lie to you, the facts do not support that conclusion.The fact is that European scientists had evidence, and knew from earlier that the 19th century, of the Black mans central role in settling and establishing civilization in Europe and everywhere else.The lower jawbone was discovered by potholers in Pestera cu Oase, the "cave with bones", located in the southwestern Carpathian Mountains of Romania in 2002.The rest of the fragments were found the following year.It was eaten by Kings and Titans, and Princes and Sultans. Halvah, which means “sweet meat” in Turkish was going to get a modern twist.In some parts of the world it was considered a sacred symbol of immortality and life. In 1907 the first batch of Halvah was produced on the Lower East Side of Manhattan where you can still buy it today.Then some Blacks correctly say: Uh huh, I knew the Whites were lying, and then go on to enjoy their edification.

Oase-1 belongs to the Y-dna haplogroup F, which is carried by most males in Eurasia today. Study quote: We then find that the Oase 1 individual shares equally as many alleles As is always the case with White people, and information regarding race; there is always the likelihood of falsehood or misinformation.

In other cultures it was thought to promote fertility and sexual response. The Joyva Corporation, in its 99th year of operation, is still a family run business. Over the last nine decades we have developed many candy and specialty food items that have been loved for generations.

Jell Rings, Marshmallow Twists, Sesame Crunch, Sesame Tahini, and of course our beloved Halvah.

His recreation offers a tantalizing glimpse into life before the dawn of civilization.

It also shows the close links between the first European settlers and their immediate African ancestors.

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