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It was in Madurai, in 1921, that Mahatma Gandhi, pre-eminent leader of Indian nationalism in British-ruled India, first adopted the loin cloth as his mode of dress after seeing agricultural labourers wearing it.

The Temple Entry Authorization and Indemnity Act passed by the government of Madras Presidency under C.

The number of submissions has risen dramatically with the growth of the site.

In July 2007, ICHC received as many as 500 submissions per day.

ICHC has popularized snowclones such as "I'm in your (noun), (verb ending in ing) your (noun)"; " [some activity or emotion], ur doin it right/wrong"; and "I gave/brought you [something] but I eated it/uzed it all up".

The typeface Impact is used in almost every picture on all the I Can Has Cheezburger websites (though not as much on its subsidiary websites, such as Memebase), and has even gone as far as to be attempted to be replicated in an oil painting representation of the original "Happy cat" (the original lolcat to say "I Can Has Cheezburger? This use of the font stems from it being the font of choice in Something Awful image macros for many hence it is the default font in the site's Lolcat Builder.

The decline in the population growth rate between 19 is due to the bifurcation of Madurai district into two, Madurai and Dindigul in 1984, and the subsequently of part of the city into the Theni district in 1997.

The municipality was headed by a chairperson and elections were regularly conducted for the post except during the period 1891 to 1896, when no elections were held due to violent factionalism.

The temple entry movement was first led in Madurai Meenakshi temple by independence activist A.== "undefined") else if (typeof document.webkit Hidden !Met die visie is Creative tot op de dag van vandaag bezig om de allerbeste audio, draadloze producten, koptelefoons en draagbare media te creëren. (abbreviated as ICHC) is a blog-format website featuring videos (usually involving animals) and image macros.It was created in 2007 by Eric Nakagawa (Cheezburger), from Hawaii, and his friend Kari Unebasami (Tofuburger).

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