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He worked up a couple of designs, which Stephanie thinks is awesome.Cristina then blurts out that he needs an algorhythm, some kind of scientific way of choosing the perfect mate, where you can put only the criteria you want and you're then presented with only suitable candidates. Bailey is doing an echo in the ER, asking Greg how long he's been experiencing this pain.That's internet dating, it already exists, Owen points out. He asks to keep him posted on the hearts and leaves. Comes and goes, he says, but his wife says it's been 10 years, ever since they got married. That's because he's a junk collector, selling stuff at flee markets, which doesn't really make for regular coverage, but now he's got Obamacare.It's a brochure about retirement, making Richard watch Owen with an angry face.Jo and Leah walk past and wish him a happy birthday. He walks off and drops the brochure in a garbage can.

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