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Remember, just like Helena, she claims to know where Claudette Beaulieu (Bree Williamson) is and could ruin Nina’s happy little family in an instant!Cassandra has no qualms about destroying people’s lives. Does she fit the image of Helena’s ruthless daughter?Cassandra may not have immediately reacted to Nina grabbing a handful of her hair and pulling it, but fans can rest assured that there will be definite payback for the utter disrespect in true Cassadine fashion.Especially since Cassandra has shown she can be ruthless, if not more ruthless than Helena has ever been.

Constantine became emperor in 312 after the fateful victory at Milvian Bridge, and Helena was named Augusta, or empress. Elizabeth comes from the Gospel, the book of Luke, in particular.

She remedies this is the fourth season by becoming a kept woman and gambler.

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Cassandra Pierce (Jessica Tuck) seems awfully familiar to GH fans because she bears a striking resemblance to another ruthless woman who dominated and terrorized several citizens in Port Charles for decades – Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers).

Helena Peabody, heir to the wealthy Peabody Foundation, is a British, white, thin, extremely wealthy, lesbian mom (though in the third season, her children, whom she once fought to bring closer to her, have almost completely disappeared from the show, showing up for an occasional phone call).

Much like the previous European character Marina, who she is meant to replace in the second season, she is also extremely aggressive.

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