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Deposit and return schemes for plastic bottles (and drink cans) could also incentivise behaviour.

Micro-beads, widely used in cosmetics as exfoliants, are now a target as the damage they do becomes increasingly apparent and the UK Government has announced plans to ban their use in some products.

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Plastic problems So what will happen to the plastic these countries collect through household recycling systems once the Chinese refuse to accept it? Plastics collected for recycling could go to energy recovery (incineration). Alternatively, materials could be stored until new markets are found. Some of them are disposable by necessity for hygiene purposes – for instance, blood bags and other medical items – but many others are disposable for convenience.

They are, after all, a fossil-fuel based material and burn extremely well – so on a positive note, they could generate electricity and improve energy self-sufficiency. This also brings problems, however – there have been hundreds of fires at sites where recyclable materials are stored. While it is a reliable material, taking many forms from cling film (surround-wrap) to flexible packaging to rigid materials used in electronic items, the problems caused by plastic, most notably litter and ocean plastics, are receiving increasing attention. Looking at the consumer side, there are ways of cutting back on plastic.

This campaign against , or “foreign garbage”, applies to plastic, textiles and mixed paper. There are concerns that much of the waste that the country currently imports, especially the lower grade materials, will have nowhere else to go.

It will result in China taking a lot less material as it replaces imported materials with recycled material collected in its own domestic market, from its growing middle-class and Western-influenced consumers. This applies equally to other countries including the EU27, where 87 per cent of the recycled plastic collected was exported directly, or indirectly (via Hong Kong), to China.

Kogalniceanu, 82 ( 373-22) fax: 238848, tel: 244002 Naţional de Arheologie şi Istorie a Moldovei MD-2012, mun.

Main destinations are Bangkok, Pattaya, Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy, Patong, Patpong, Chiang Mai.

The dominant position that China holds in global manufacturing means that for many years China has also been the largest global importer of many types of recyclable materials.

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Japan and the US also rely on China to buy their recycled plastic.

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