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After waiting several months for a visa, she arrived in Chemnitz for a tryout.Because of the language barrier, it would take time for Savchenko’s true character to become apparent.Although black athletes were exceedingly rare in the former East, Szolkowy said he never experienced discomfort or racism.After German reunification, he moved to Chemnitz, formerly Karl-Marx-Stadt, as a teenager to become a pairs skater in the same rink where Katarina Witt had developed into a two-time Olympic champion and where Steuer was at his peak.But it is also Steuer whose past connections with East Germany’s secret police, revealed shortly before the 2006 Olympics, have been a source of major angst and some financial hardship.

“But it is good now to have an image of him, and it was so strange and so similar.I had the same feeling in the Olympics.”Steuer and his partner, Mandy Wötzel, won the world championship in 1997 but could do no better than a bronze medal at the 1998 Nagano Olympics, in part because Steuer got clipped by a passing car about two months before the Games, injuring his arm and leaving him with chronic headaches.Savchenko has had her own health issues this season, missing two full weeks of training before the European championships with what doctors initially thought might be mononucleosis but appears to have been the flu.He was named to the German coaching staff last month, albeit late in the process.But the big, unexpected concern this time is that Savchenko and Szolkowy appear to have lost their edge.

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