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That night didn't turn me into some raging Jessica Rabbit, but it did teach me that sometimes the boldest, most out-of-character move is the one that gets you results. Perhaps I need to dredge up some of that old naked courage with the man I love.For inspiration, I talked to 16 women and guys who shared their own brave stories of past seductions that went oh-so-right."After a dinner party, where my husband and I had been served a special soup that was full of cloves, we went home tipsy and tired.When he let himself into my apartment, I was waiting for him in a bubble bath. " "My college boyfriend Tyler and I were playing pool with a jerk who kept mouthing off about how bad we were.I looked the guy in the eye and said, ' I don't like you, you're an asshole, stop bothering us.' Later that night, in the parking lot, Tyler suddenly kissed me and said, ' That was amazing, the way you told him off. ' He kissed me again and replied, ' That I'm in love with you.' I'd seduced him without even knowing it!I have a confession: During my early dating years, I preferred to be The Seduced, not The Seductress. Like many women, I worried that if I put myself out there and got a "no thanks" in return, I'd never recover from the humiliation.And while my path of least resistance didn't score me the hottest sex, I was happy at least that it kept me in possession of my ego.

On my way to the ladies' room, he bumped me slightly and coyly said, ' Please stop running into me.' I spent the rest of dinner making eyes at him, and after another sangria or two, I excused myself again to go to the bathroom.

I was naked as a newborn, except for the words THE BOMB scrawled across my butt with a Sharpie.

And, for reasons I still don't totally understand, I went for it--walked right up to him, threw my arms around his neck and asked him to dance.

" "One weekend this guy Rob and I ended up both being invited to a friend's house. When it was time to go to sleep the first night, he insisted that I take the guest bed and he'd take the couch.

But while he was washing up, I got settled on the couch.

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Soon I was headed back to his place, wearing his jacket.

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